True Lansden, MD

True Lansden, MD

Reconstructive Surgery

537 NW Lake Whitney Place Suite 101
St. Lucie, FL 34986

Phone Number: 772-204-8870

Recommend 4.8
23 reviews

Physician Rating

Recommendation Rating 4.8
23 reviews

Exam Thorough: 4.8 Provider Answers: 4.8 Provider Concern: 4.9 Wait Reasonable: 4.6

Each patient’s experience at our practice is important to us. As we strive to provide the highest level of care, we value feedback on all aspects of the patient experience. This Medical GPS patient experience survey measures patient satisfaction from the time the appointment was made to the time the patient spent with the provider.

  • Exam Thorough: The Exam Thorough rating reflects how satisfied patients were at the thoroughness and completeness of their examination and treatment.
  • Provider Answers:The Provider Answers rating shows the level of patient satisfaction on how the provider was able to answer questions and fully explain treatment.
  • Provider Concern: Provider concern measures the extent to which patients agree they were treated with courtesy, respect and concern throughout the entire examination.
  • Recommend: The Recommendation rating reflects patients’ overall likelihood of recommending their provider to friends or family members.
  • Wait Reasonable: This rating measures patient satisfaction on the total time spent waiting for the provider.

About True Lansden


“Since entering private practice in 1994, I have performed over five thousand breast implants, seven hundred breast reductions, hundreds of facelifts, abdominoplasties, eyelid surgeries, liposuctions, and many other cosmetic procedures. I have also repaired tendons, plated broken bones in the hand and face, closed wounds with muscle and skin flaps, and served as Medical Director of the south Mississippi Cleft Lip and Palate Team. I have particularly enjoyed the wide range of procedures attendant with my specialty, both cosmetic and reconstructive, as well as the range of ages of my patients.”

When your goal is to improve your appearance with cosmetic surgery, you need confidence in the physician you select. Confidence that comes from knowing you've chosen a surgeon with the education and experience you can trust. A doctor whose skilled hands and attention to detail have given thousands of patients the look they've always wanted.

You'll be confident choosing Dr. F. True Lansden, a board certified plastic surgeon who has achieved the perfect balance of extensive training, artistic touch and compassion-the very qualities needed to transform your dreams into reality. He earned his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Medical University of South Carolina. He also completed his Plastic and Reconstructive residency in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Tulane University.

Dr. Lansden would like to meet with you to discuss your options and determine which procedure is right for you. He'll answer your questions and explain everything step by step, and if you decide to proceed, he'll help uncover the "new you" that's been waiting to emerge!

Call today to schedule a consultation, and see first hand why doctors, their patients and their families trust his unique brand of advanced, personalized care.




Reconstructive Surgery

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537 NW Lake Whitney Place Suite 101
St. Lucie, FL 34986
Phone: 772-204-8870

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